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8 Morgan Street
Botany NSW 2019

+61 2 96957015

Irrigation Components Australia was established in 2002. The business is staffed by qualified agronomists who understand the field applications of the products. Our aim is to deliver the best quality service and product into retail trade.

In our position we are often able to source small volumes of difficult to find components within Australia. If demand is sufficient we will hold stock of these items locally. Our product range in constantly being updated to meet the requirements of the market.

On top of this, we pride ourselves in bringing in new technology and developments to the field of centre pivot irrigation.

SMV Valve with Solenoid


SMV Valve with Solenoid

SMV valve.jpg
SMV valve.jpg

SMV Valve with Solenoid

  • Diaphragm is made in USA

  • One diaphragm for all pressures, 5 - 200

  • Easy in-place maintenance

  • Fully open at 5 psi

  • CIT tested flow rates

  • Money-saving operation with low friction loss (see graph below)

  • Pilot Control Options: Pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, pressure relief

  • 6" and 8" Dual-X double-diaphragm valve available with p-6000 pilot only

  • Solenoid available in 12v DC, 24v AC, 24v DC


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